LeapFroggr’s team is made up of people who understand technology and want to help business owners and entrepreneurs like you, with that understanding. This may sound like something you’ve heard from a dozen other business partners to little effect, but with us, you can place your faith in it for a simple reason: when we say we care about your business, we mean it because logic dictates that we should.

The better your company fares, the better ours does. You see, if our strategies for you work, that means we have a happy and well-off client likely to return to us for our services and capable of giving us continued business. Besides, every success you find due to our strategies is a trophy and a source of pride for our company. We take pride in what we do and you can tell what we do from our group’s name alone.
Leapfrogging is a game you can only win at if you know how to work with and help others. The most important role a LeapFroggr can play is one of support for the other player—“giving him a back”, as it’s called. That’s what we do.

We use our expertise to give you the back you need to leap towards your success.



Businesses have it rough these days. Starting a business is tough enough, but finding the right partner to help you reach your goals?  Tougher.

There’s just too many providers out there and you won’t really know where to start, who you are hiring nor what they can really do.

Plow through the clutter and save your precious time. Work with LeapFroggr. Let us build the software you need, while you focus on ROI and your growth.