The 2 Sides of Guest Posting: I’m on the “It Works” Side, How About You?

by Dennis Seymour February 03, 2016

When somebody mentions SEO or link building these days, the first thing you think about is usually the word “hassle”.

The second, though, tends to be “guest posting”.

That’s how popular guest posting is in our niche at present. Even entrepreneurs that I bump into once in a while know about guest posting, which is shocking when you compare that to how things were a few years ago.

Here’s the thing, though: popularity doesn’t always equal approbation… or not for long, anyway.

Guest posting or guest blogging is now being labeled as a waste of time by a lot of people. In fact, it practically has a haters’ group already. Interestingly, some members seem to be people who once used to champion it.

No longer, though. People who used to praise it on their blog posts have U-turned and even tell their readers not to do it anymore. I’ve seen some interesting about-faces on this recently (you probably have too!).

How did it get to this point?

It’s not that hard to find the beginnings of this. When Matt Cutts put this up on his blog, things started to fall apart.

People assumed that the succeeding updates would have a Batman-like way to detect guest posts. The fallout from such an assumption was predictable.

people running guest posting zombies dead

Guest posting opportunities dwindled. The number of links on the post were restricted. Links were no-followed.

Sites that saw their traffic drop panicked, removing all their guest posts. Sponsored post disclaimers were put up. Those that accepted payments for guest posts suddenly became cold.

It was a rowdy time and some people drank the Kool-Aid without questioning it.

But for myself, I always had a bit of Stewie in me (see the GIF below). I tend not to slurp up stuff until I’ve broken a thing or two first.

Guest Blogging Kool Aid


Here’s My Take

You may be itching to point out that something has been broken already: guest posting, specifically. Some even like to go further. Guest posting is dead, they say.

Funny. I sneaked a peek at that funeral and saw the coffin was empty.

Fact is, guest posting is still alive and well. It works. People still do it. Companies still reach out to other bloggers just to get word out about their event or product. Even more so today with the popularity of influencer and blogger outreach.

The reason it isn’t dead is that it isn’t actually too different from posting content on your own blog. It’s still just content. Content still matters.

Good content, especially.

All that Google’s algorithm really declared war on was shoddy content. It’s a bit hard to see that if all you’re looking at are the unfortunately sweeping condemnations Cutts made about guest posting initially (condemnations he tempered later, including in a forum after someone pointed out a valid reason for inviting guest posters). But it’s the truth. Even amid the hysteria after Cutts’s statement, in fact, there were already some who saw it.

Ashley Faulkes put it succinctly: he wrote that Google’s statement was just a scare tactic, “a warning shot” to stop the spammier SEOs from abusing the technique.

(Of course, Google also went ahead and claimed an outright kill after its warning shot, but we all get ahead of ourselves on occasion, don’t we?)

Google misses guest posting still alive

Want more proof that it’s alive? Think about those big publisher sites that mainly rely on contributors, for example. Aren’t those guest posts, and a lot of them, at that? How come they weren’t affected?

Guest posting only got so much flak because of human nature. It came under fire not because it failed to work, but because it worked too well at the start.

As with anything that works, people copied it and mass produced it without worrying about the quality at all. It got so crappy that even people who couldn’t write to save their lives were doing it!

Let’s bring up something else for a second. Some of you oldies might remember content spinning (whatever happened to that) from back then. It actually worked pretty well, until people started dishing out crap and wouldn’t stop. It eventually died a peaceful death along with most of the software for it.

Now, guest posting is getting blasted by guns similar to those that blasted spinning back then. There’s a big difference in this case, though.

Unlike spinning, guest posting will never die.

It just won’t. It’s not just that it still works: it’s also that it’s such a natural outcome of the Web’s nature.

The Internet allows just about anyone to act as a publisher, and a lot of people don’t restrict themselves to self-publication, do they? It’s not an activity exclusive to SEO either. A lot of people publish content from others simply because they genuinely find it interesting. Furthermore, it doesn’t have an inbuilt tendency to produce poor content, unlike SEO-style content spinning.

Even guest post placements with payments will actually survive. Honestly, there’s really no way for the algorithm to know that you accepted a payment for that past guest post on your site unless you were manually flagged.

Those who stopped accepting back then realized this eventually, you know. They’ve even started accepting payments again. Some of them just put up sponsored post disclaimers for “compliance”. I guess that makes them feel safer.


Stuff To Support My Position

I’ve done my share of guest posting work for years. Both in the past and also some more recently.

Ecommerce Guest Posts SEO

Guest Posts for a new E-commerce Site


Niche Site Guest Post Traffic

Guest Posts for a Niche Site

As you can see, they work pretty well. The traffic I got was from referrals from guest posts and the traffic from increased rankings.

For this blog, I plan to go on a guest posting spree by the 2nd half of the year.

I’ve only published a handful of guest posts and it’s been worth every second.

It’s obviously not that easy to create great content. It takes time, research and a lot of relationship building (and keeping track of relationship building alone is hard enough!).

It’s very easy to take the easy route and find an article network or sites that randomly accept guest posts without moderation of submitted content.

Don’t fall into the dark side because that’s when you’ll actually start wasting your time. That’s when you’ll get little to no results. You might end up one of those people who preach about how guest posting doesn’t work.

So, to cut things short, should you start publishing guest posts?

Normally, my answer is a resounding “YES”.

But with how it is now, I think it’s better to ask this first: WHY do you want to do it?


Traffic from Guest Posts – Is it Possible?

In most cases, you just get some traffic spikes and then the referral traffic disappears. That’s perfectly normal.

It’s also possible to get traffic from guest posts consistently if you keep up the work.

Here’s a simple 4-step plan that I follow each time:

  • Target quality blogs that actually have the market you want to reach.
  • Write a guest post that’s equal to or above the quality of what you would allow to be posted on your blog.
  • Make sure you do some keyword research for SEO. It’s a big bonus in the long run. I’ll show you why later on in this post.
  • Have a system on how you want to promote it. It can be through your email list, social media, media buys, etc.

If you plan to get traffic through guest posts, then you need to make sure you plan it out.

You don’t just go out and get guest posting opportunities, thinking it will automatically bring in traffic to your website.

A lot of people put out guest posts with that exact mindset. They end up getting disappointed.

disappointed cat no traffic from guest post

Why does it happen? A lot of reasons. Because they put guest posts on blogs with readers who aren’t interested in what they’re writing about. Sometimes, they put posts on blogs with little to no traffic!

Those who do guest posts like that are usually doing it for the “links”, whether they know it or not. They’re not really in it for traffic and brand recognition.

But technically, you don’t even need a link to get a boost in traffic after guest posting. Even if your own blog is just listed in your bio on the guest post (an unlinked mention), you can still entice people to copy the URL to their address bars by supplying an interesting, valuable read.

It’s even possible to parlay multiple guest posts into boosted traffic as well as authority for your own Web properties.

A yogini, Silvia Mordini, presents a great example. She runs her own yoga blog, and also does guest posts. Her pieces have been on a number of the most popular yoga websites: Daily Cup of Yoga, MindBodyGreen, Yoganonymous, and Elephant Journal are just a few examples.

But Mordini doesn’t stop there. She contributes to magazines like Mantra Yoga + Health too.

That level of exposure makes her name more recognizable for people in her niche. Even if some of her guest posts were to lack a link to her website, the ones that did have a link would be likelier to have that link clicked on.

All because the chances of the reader having run into her name and content before (and very possibly liking it) are higher due to those guest posts.

Then there’s the benefit to her name/brand: if someone interested in taking yoga classes with her searches for her on the Web, he will see her contributions for several of the bigger yoga sites. That’s a good thing for her authority.


Links from Guest Posts

Is it OK if you simply want that backlink and don’t worry about the traffic?

Yeah, just do it. Nothing wrong with it as long as you keep it clean. You probably want to do it in scale, too.

The issue is that you aren’t maximizing your reach and your link value. It’s also very probable for you to churn out crappy content that nobody really needs.

You’re simply wasting your time because you create that content only for it to go unread. Still, it’s not always without rewards: you create 10 more and you see that you went up 1 spot higher in the rankings after that, for instance.

That’s nice. But here’s the big question: is it worth it?

Sure, you want to improve your SEO to improve your site’s rank. Getting links is a big part of that equation. But is the practical difference that change achieves actually worth the effort?

What if you have an e-commerce site, for example, and that little bump up the SERPs doesn’t make a dollar’s difference in terms of sales or even brand recognition? Would you call it worth it?

What if you put that time and effort into a single guest post on a targeted site that’s actually worth something, though? What then?

Maybe that one guest post wouldn’t only bring in traffic, new subscribers and readers, but it could also bring your rankings up higher than they would go with just 1 link.

Maybe your post could be so good that a great, really authoritative site would pick it up. You could get more trust rank passed to your site with a single great link versus 10 low quality links. It would even work for you in the long run instead of just for a week.

Oh, and there could even be a good chance that your guest post would rank on its own if the right website publishes it.

Imagine that. Wouldn’t that be something?

benefits of guest posting have steven starry-eyed

Gets you a little starry-eyed, doesn’t it?

Let’s talk about another good guest posting example. K.M. Weiland is a published writer who writes both fiction books and guides for other writers. She also has a blog where she delivers advice to would-be authors.

Weiland posts on many other blogs, though. You can find articles from her on Write to Done, WriteHacked, The Write Practice, and

These are all sites with good readerships made up of the exact people Weiland targets with her writing advice books. They comprise people who aren’t just willing to go through articles in their entirety (most writers are avid readers) but who are also more ready to engage authors and their texts than others.

So Weiland’s guest posts with their solid, actionable advice on how to structure novels or raise the odds of getting published do her a lot of good on these places.

They pass on more link value than from smaller blogs, for one thing. They also reach more of the right audience than they would on other sites and give her the perfect platform for demonstrating her expertise… which serves as a sort of teaser advertisement for her guidebooks on writing.


Should you Accept Guest Posts?

I’ve been in the middle of a couple of heated debates about this question.

My take is, it depends on you if you want to accept them. You’re in control of what you publish. There’s nothing wrong with publishing them as long as you want to.

How about external links? Google won’t punish you because of external links with no reason. Sure, they can “mess up” sometimes but it’s highly doubtful that you’ll be hurt because of a couple of links to another good website.

Rule of thumb: Publish because you like the content and the links on the post should offer value to the reader.


The Real Value of Guest Posts

Here’s the thing, it’s a lot of work but if done right, you can convert the traffic into email subscribers, loyal readers and even into customers.

You’ll be seen as the expert. Just treat the backlinks as a bonus. Once you do, you’ll be able to focus to create some really awesome content.

Here’s a rather quick example. I published an article on Matt Capala’s SEO blog.

For an article that promoted everybody else instead of myself, it still brought in some good conversions. Traffic could’ve been better if I only put in a CTA and focused on my own stuff but alas, it was not meant to be like that.

Conversions from Guest Post

So, how did this turn into a valuable guest post? It’s because I put in the research work, optimized it, went on promoting it (so did Matt!) and top it all off, it was a blog with my target traffic.

It brought in some great traffic for him and I got some, too. It was a win-win for both of us.



Guest Post Best Practices

Here are some guest post “tactics” that you can apply to make the most out of your next guest post.

– Create guest post content that adds value to what’s already on the site, or “one-ups” it.

In most cases, you will be posting on a blog that has accepted guest posts in the past.

You can come up with pretty cool ideas simply by looking at what’s available. You can continue where an old post left off. You can improve upon it.

You can do a follow up post that helps the reader take the next step. In turn you can ask the original author to help you out and promote it. You can also have the blog owner put a link on the old guest post to your new one.

It’s a pretty good strategy that also helps with SEO.

– Feel free to link to other worthy, relevant pieces of content, not just yours.

As mentioned above, you can link to old posts on the blog you are posting on. You can also link to external sites that add value to the reader. Don’t keep linking to your stuff. Share the love!

– Apply a content upgrade strategy if allowed.

To make the most of the traffic you get, you want them to convert into email subscribers.

Try to offer a content upgrade for the content you offered. If not, then at least try and get them to your page so that you can ask for that email.

– Add a call-to-action (CTA) in the body if it’s allowed.

Some blogs will give you a lot of freedom when it comes to what you put in the body, so if you have that chance, try to add a CTA at the end to send people over to your content or a landing page to collect their email addresses.

– Do a clever guest post bio.

Sometimes, you can get clever with your bio. You can lead it to anywhere you want. To your social accounts, to your website, heck, even a landing page where you convert them into email subscribers.

If you can’t get a CTA in the body, this is your last chance to pitch for that click.

– Don’t skimp on the images.

Yeah, yeah, you already spent a lot of time working on the content. Images can be costly and the last thing you want is to spend more time to create graphics or pay someone to do them for you.

Don’t think like that.

A couple of good-looking graphics can make your post go viral or at the least, the image can go viral in Pinterest. You will also be able to rank them in Google Images.

Those are still referral channels that bring in extra traffic to your website, so don’t skimp on them.

– Promote it.

After you publish a post, you have to help promote it. It’s a joint effort and it usually ends with great long-term results. A lot of the blogs you post to will never promote guest posts but that should never stop you.

That makes it all the more important for you to do some promotional work.

You’ve already put in the time to create the content. Now get some people to see it. You’d be surprised once it starts ranking for some really good keywords.

With a good enough traction, you’ll even be invited back to do another guest post.

– Reply to comments.

Comments are often overlooked. People publish guest posts and they never show up again on that site because they already got the backlink.

The truth is, you can get a lot more value if you actually engage with the people that leave comments on the post.

You can build new relationships and sometimes, you can get more guest post opportunities from it.



Key Takeaways/Action Steps

  • Follow my 4 step plan above. Download a checklist here.
  • There’s really no need to think that guest posting is dead. It’s not and it never will be.
  • Guest blogging will bring in results if you want it to and are willing to work for what you want. Focus on quality, grammar and what kind of value you give the readers.
  • Always have a goal for each of your guest posts. It will help you measure results.
  • Don’t skimp on quality. It matters.
  • Never overlook promotion. It also matters.
  • You can help rank guest posts. Extra traffic for you!
  • Have a way to capture emails. Make the most of the time you spent on that awesome piece of content.

Guest posting is not dead. Guest blogging WORKS. End of story!

Kylo Approves Guest Blogging

Kylo and the Knights of Ren Approve Guest Blogging

How about you? What’s your story?

I’d love to hear from you! If you are in the middle of a guest posting process, try out the things I mentioned above and let me know!

Now go out there and promote your brand.

Get your name out there and let me know how it goes! I will feature your awesome results here so you can brag about it! 


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  • Hi Dennis,
    Indeed, guest posting is still very much alive! I couldn’t agree more with you! The truth remains that wherever its not ‘working’, it means that crappiness has stepped in and there is no longer value for the search engine nor the readers!
    The best guest posts sites out there ensure there is constant and consistent delivery of quality no matter where and from whom the content is coming from.
    Yes, Matt Cutt’s announcement in the past really affected the ‘opinions’ of many about SEO but it was just a ‘scare’ to ensure delivery of good quality posts online. I completely agree with Ashely Faulkes’s remark that it is just a ‘warning shot’.

    Marketers should adhere to the best practices of guest posting. I love the way you just highlighted them!

    Its a good post that reminds us of the importance and relevance of Guest posting to successful online marketing.

    Thanks for sharing this, and I have just bookmarked for future reference!
    I left the above comment in as well

    • For sure! It was a confusing time for many people back then. I hope I’ve put that to rest for those that read this post haha 🙂

      Thanks for checking it out Sunday! I appreciate it a ton.

  • Hi Dennis,
    I totally agree with you, guest posting is definitely not dead. In fact, I see more and more people doing it, unfortunately, they’re not all doing it right. Just this week I received a couple of pitches from people I had never heard of before. Neither fit my blog or my audience.

    I think when done the right away, with the blog and the audience researched ahead of time, guest blogging is a fantastic marketing strategy.

    • For sure! Right on the money Corinne! They can easily tweak it but they are usually going for scale so taking time is harder for them. The people that send us those emails are usually just using templates to mass send to an email list.

  • Hi Dennis,

    You really put a lot of work into analyzing this issue.

    Nice job!

    I’m not very active in guest posting. I’ve done a few guest posts, but I do it rarely, and I’ve never actually sought a guest post engagement. I’ve always been asked.

    I don’t host guest posts on my blog either… not often, anyway. I’ve asked some people to do some posts for me when I was on vacation, but otherwise, I do all my own content.

    That said, I think the who issue of guest posting is a silly one. Like you said, content is content. If it’s good content, then post it. If it’s substandard, then don’t. It’s that simple in my opinion. I don’t care if it’s your own work, or someone else’s. If it’s valuable and helps readers solve their problems, then go with it. If not, stay away.

    The one kind of guest posting I’m totally opposed to is sponsored posts. I don’t think that’s ever helpful to your ranking or your reputation.

    Great job, here, Dennis, and I think we pretty much agree that it’s not about guesting or not guesting, it’s about quality content.


    • BANG! You nailed it Donna! Sponsored posts are fine with me simply because they still need to make money. It’s still a business for most of the sites out there. I would just recommend that they make sure their process of editing would be more strict to make sure the content fits their readers. It’s always going to be about a site’s users so the content should be up to par. 🙂

  • Hi Dennis,

    Great post.You really put a lot of work into analyzing this issue. I agree with you, guest posting is definitely not dead. guest posting is still very much alive!
    Great job.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Thanks Mansi! It is a lot of work. Glad you liked it though! 🙂

  • Ashley Faulkes

    Hey Dennis,
    You almost ready my mind on most of what you said. I do posting for myself and clients and it is totally worth it. Sometimes just for domain authority/links sometimes for the referral traffic (which means a better blog and more work). But either way, it amazes me that people think it is dead. They are just paranoid or doing it wrong. Mat C definitely just said don’t do it to stop all the ( spammy crap out there which I totally understand.
    Great post, and chock full of helpful advice! will be sharing with the masses

    thanka for the mention too

    • Yup. Just another “propaganda” to scare abusers but it gets misunderstood by newbies. Thanks Ashley! Appreciate you checking this out and sharing!

  • Hi Dennis
    I am with you and strongly believe guest posting is one of the effective ways to support so many blogging goals be it promotion, influencer marketing, traffic building, link building or get famous in the field.

    Every kind of contents are being diversified so it is must to diversify guest posting as well. I mean instead of just sending pitch to write a guest post with text it is good to attract the host blogger by offering infographics, videos, podcast, tutorial, roundup post or comparative review.

    I highly appreciate your covering this topic in such a detailed and all-inclusive way by offering a lot of food for thought to decide what is the best strategy for guest posting

    Thanks a lot for sharing.
    Have a great rest of the week

    • It is, right? Definitely a lot of ways to be creative to get the most of the guest post opportunity. Thanks for checking this out Mi!

  • Love it! The whole point should be about providing valuable information that people want. Two heads are better than one, I say.

    • That’s right Sheila! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! 🙂

  • Hey Dennis,

    Well I’ve always known that it wasn’t dead. It’s like anything else that people abuse. Just like my post this week about blog commenting dying and how many times have we heard that blogging is dead!

    In this case it is that people abused the linking and then of course others accepted crappy content. Just like people spamming us with their blog comments so they can build backlinks. People aren’t understanding what Google needs to see which is high quality sites with high quality content in the same niche and speaking to that audience. That’s my simple way of summing it up but you did your research and explained this beautifully.

    Up until this year I’ve had regular guest posts on my blog and it hasn’t hurt me one bit. The only reason I’ve slacked off is because I’m only writing once a week and I just wasn’t able to write enough so I’ll still have guests, just not every single month. I think they bring something else to the blog and it’s great to have a new voice sharing their expertise with my audience.

    Thank you for bringing this to the forefront my friend, great job here Dennis and you have a wonderful weekend.


    • YES! Like everything that works, they tend to get abused. Sadly, we can’t do anything about that. It’s just the way it will always be. How many time have you heard about blog commenting being dead? Haha! You must’ve gotten messages about that for YEARS! 😀

      Thank you Adrienne! Enjoy your weekend as well!

  • Hey there Dennis,

    Great post! You really did your research complete with stats and numbers. Awesome. I definitely do not believe that guest blog posting is dead in fact, I always encourage it.

    I believe that the people who are out there preaching that it’s dead are people who’ve done it a few times, got no results, therefore declared it a dead strategy. We’ve all heard that touching other topics from “Is email marketing dead?” “Is FB PPC dead?” etc. These are most likely the people who produce crap content with the goal to get backlinks for their main site/post.

    Everyone knows that quality content is king. If you do a guest blog post and provide top notch content, the readers from that blog will definitely check your blog out no doubt. However if it’s the opposite, that person might even increase the blogger’s bounce rate. Ouch!

    Great post here. Thanks for being detailed and for doing your research before declaring something. Nothing beats numbers.

    Keep it up!


    • Hey PJ!

      That’s right! That’s usually the case. What’s frustrating is that the negative people are usually more vocal about it LOL. So it spreads rather quickly and is more accessible to newbies. In a way, it’s “good” for those in the know, but we don’t really want to think like that, do we? Haha 🙂 Thanks for checking this out!

  • Hey Dennis,
    Fabulous Post. You’ve touched upon a very unique but needed topic. Guest-post is very much on the scene but now it is about quality along with quantity. Like all the well-informed readers above, I also believe that guest-posts are here for a long time.

    • Thanks for checking this out Charles! It will be, for a long long time 🙂

  • Hey Dennis,

    Informative post……!!!

    Ya absolutely right that guest blogging still alive and it is helpful to generate organic web traffic…..You explore whole concept very precisely and effectively.

    Thanks for sharing valuable information about guest blogging……Have a great day…….!!!

    • Thanks! I feel like I could have gone on even more, but that would just be ranting LOL! I appreciate you dropping by!

  • Hello Dennis,

    I still see a lot of people guest posting so I assumed it wasn’t dead. I have never guest posted per se but I have written for other sites. This one site I go to (I wrote a blog post about it) you can write PR’s so I have written several of them and want to write more. I have also wrote at other writing platforms so that might be a form of guest posting. I have seen new bloggers that I had not known about through their guest posts.

    I think if people do not see results with guest posting it could be that even if you guest post you still have to stay active. Keep writing for your own blog and commenting on other blogs as well. You just can’t stop just because you did a guest post. You have to keep writing and promoting. If you happen to guest post on a not so popular blog just keep it moving. Things happen sometime. Take it as a learning lesson. Don’t try to say something is bad just because you had one or two bad experiences.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

    • Great input Maketta! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us about your experience with this! 🙂

  • Hey Dennis,

    Yes, I remember those spinning days. I had this software that would promote my blog to different free bookmark and social sites, and also would spin my content for me. Did it work? Yes! Did I get any great results? Hell to the no!!!

    Can you compared spinning to guest posting. Not really because if you play your cards right, guesting posting supersedes and is way more beneficial than spinning by a landslide! Guest posting is far from dead and there’s too many sites that still actually accept guest posting like Jon Morrow’s Boost Blog Traffic blog. You have to ask why does he still accept guest posts.

    I really like the 4 step blogging plan you have here. Especially targeting blogs that have an audience that would already be interested in your content. It’s a great way to build social proof and build traffic and leads. It makes a lot of sense to do this and I have done this myself a few times (Could do more though). I do believe that guest posting should be one of the action plans that everyone should add to their marketing despite other things!

    Thanks for sharing Dennis! Have a great week ahead!

    • Thanks Sherman. I’m sure you will be doing a lot more guest posting this year to further expand your reach. Keep it up!

  • Hello Dennis!
    Nice meeting you here!

    Great post indeed ..You have shared a deep information about benefits of guest posting Your are right about guest posting is not bad.

    After reading your post, I hundred percent and above sure that guest posting is one of the most supportive and effective way to achieve goal.

    Thanks for sharing such a great informative knowledge of guest posting. I was really unaware about this.

    Keep writing.. 🙂
    – Ravi.

  • Guest posting still rules, no doubt about that. Nevertheless, I don’t think that people will be so crazy about it as they were previously. In future, it will only be an addition to your SEO arsenal, not a centerpiece. I do love guest posting. It is a great way to make contacts and if you wish to be recognized as an expert within your field, you have to have powerful friends. Its just the way it is. Not to mention that guest blogging is fun. You can always get some new exciting thing to write about; something you wouldn’t come up on your own.

    Thanks for post Dennis!

    • Hi Nikolay!

      You nailed it. It definitely should be just part of the whole arsenal. No need to abuse it but there’s no question that it works and the relationships built because of it are even better than the quality of the backlink you get.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Hi Dennis,

    I had mild success last year contributing to other sites, but that was my fault. It wasn’t that the content wasn’t the best I could create. It was the audience was not the right audience.

    Just in the last month I got accepted to write for Business2Community and I’m waiting to hear back from Entrepreneur, Forbes and Business Insider.

    With my fellow bloggers, I’ve discovered that for me to write for them, my message has to appropriate for their audience. Second, I’ve also discovered that contributing to roundups for bloggers have been fantastic for me.

    Regarding my site, I have a very clear and purposeful message and I now guard it carefully. I don’t allow guest posts on my site but in rare circumstances I may ask someone else to contribute a guest post.

    Fantastic post Dennis. As always, you deliver great content that is backed up by facts and research.

    Have a great second half to your week!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Thanks Don! I’m sure you learned a lot from your experiences last year. This year will be even bigger and better for you!

      I can’t wait to hear the good news that you will be writing for Entrepreneur/forbes and BI. Be sure to let me know! 🙂

      Enjoy your weekend!

  • It’s great to see guest posting come full circle…It has always been a solid strategy when used correctly and I plan to utilize its benefits for the foreseeable future…Thanks for sharing this awesome post!

  • I don’t understand why people say that guest blogging isn’t a great way to get links, traffic, and subscribers!

    This post proves otherwise with its results. Do guest posting right, and you’ll see the great benefits!

    Great articles Dennis, can’t wait to share it on Twitter. 🙂


  • There is no doubt that Guest blogging can bring so many benefits to a blog or website. But still it is a topic of debate. People are on the both sides when it comes to guest blogging. What I feel is that it is a good way till the time we practice it in a good way. Things only go wrong when people try to exploit resources.

    I like what you share. keep sharing more helpful content.

  • I was happy to see Matt Cutts say what he said because I was certain that people were going to freak out just like they did with PBNs which also still work when done properly. And that’s the key… properly. Great content will always push rankings so count me in the group that believes guest blogging is around to stay.

  • Hmm Why is it that actual data collectors such as your self and I understand that proper guest posting in general is still highly effective yet the info from Cutts about guest posting is still imprinted on the minds of so many really talented search marketers? Of course my results have been very similar to yours. I should have kept better record tracking on several analytics and written an article like this. Although mine would have been less constructive and informative. 😉

  • Yep, I agree with you that guest posting is not dead. I will take it a step further and contend that if the content is there, readership will follow. Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned. I am a fan of strategy and I understand why one would not want to pour resources into a marketing technique that’s not going to produce results. But bottom line, I think that strong writing will attract readers, and for my blog I prioritize strong writing over everything else. It’s a model that works for me. Your “Guest Blog Post Best Practices” is a great jumping off point for those who might be unsure on how to proceed.

  • I am really glad to read your amazing and marvellous post. It was my pleasure to read your post.
    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post…


  • I 100% agree that guest posting still works. It’s just the shotgun approach to guest posting has changed. Instead of going for a large quantity of posts we must take our time and find quality sites to work with. In my opinion, guest posting should work in conjunction with helping to get your brand exposure.

  • My keyword is on 25 before doing guest posting and After doing some guest posting it jumps to 12.
    So for me yes it works

  • Loved the article! Thanks for keeping things interesting!
    When I was a freelance writer, I joined a league of writers who had sold their souls to Groupon in exchange for $12 a guest post. They would release assignments on a first-come-first-serve basis, we would scramble to grab as many as we could get our hands on (because writers are poor haha), and we would write 15-30 guest posts for Groupon every week. By the time I realized my self-worth and got the hell outta there, I had written more than 150 pieces of guest content all linking back to Groupon Coupons.
    *eye twitch*
    And I was only one of many, many writers who were pumping out content for the dark side. That was long before I knew a thing about SEO and now, as an SEO director who sports the white hat, I’m secretly hoping this guest-posting situation has already come down on Groupon. Their posting qualifications and requirements were terribly poor.

  • Hello Dennis,

    Well written article for guest post, I also agree that it will be there for long long time if it is written with high quality standard, especially what readers want to hear.
    Thanks again for the great article.

  • Hi Dennis, great article and very encouraging for those of us who continue to rely on this content marketing technique. I particularly liked your use of graphs & metrics as proof of what you’re saying. Well done! Keep up the good work.

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