A Native Google+ App for Mac

by Dennis Seymour May 23, 2014
Google Plus Fluid Mac App

We love Google+ and we aren’t ashamed of it. There has been a lot of bad news going around about it recently and how it’s death is upon us.

True, not all brands have jumped on to Google+ for marketing and the people aren’t as responsive as those from other social networks but it’s practically a success in terms of what it was initially created for.

I just don’t understand why they will destroy such a good thing. This post from +Lee Smallwood shows but one of the thousands of ways Google+ can help the community.


Anyway, as we are still currently dissecting what we can about the latest Google Algorithm update, we’d need more a bit more time before we could publish our next blog post.

So I thought this would be a good time to stray away from serious posts and show our favorite way of using Google+ on a Mac.

Google Plus Fluid Mac App

Need a Native Google+ App for your Mac?

I’ve always hated opening browsers just to use Google+ or other social networks.

In this line of work, we often open multiple browsers/tabs/windows to do research for SEO, manage PPC campaigns etc. so I prefer to use native apps so I can close them from view while I focus on work using the browser.

The problem with this is, well, Google+ does not have a native app for Macs.

So let’s just create our own!

In just a few steps, you’ll have your own Google+ app, complete with it’s own notification badge.

 Google+ for Mac

1. Go to fluidapp.com – Download the app. It’s free.

2. Open it,  enter the URL of the Google+ page you’d like to show each time you open it. In my case, I’ve set it to open to my circle stream of people that I am “Following”

Google Plus for Fluid App for Mac

3. Enter the name of the App, in this example, it’s “Google+”

4. For the icon, chose “other” and select your icon of choice. I’ve done the work for you though so just save/download my edited icon from here http://leapfroggr.s3.amazonaws.com/googleplus.png

Google Plus for Fluid App for Mac Icon

5. Click the “Create” button and select “Launch Now” on the next window

Launch Fluid App Google+

6. You should now have your own, native Google+ app in your Mac’s dock.

Adding a Google+ Notification Badge

  • You’d need to buy the Fluidapp to be able to use userscripts. Just go on ahead and buy it if notifications are important for you. Of course, if you love the app, why not just support the developers.
Buy Fluid App for Userscripts

No, I wasn’t paid by Fluid 🙂


  • Once you’ve verified your license, just go back to the Google+ app’s menu and click on Window. Select “Userscripts

Select Userscripts on Fluid

  • On the window that pops up, click on the plus (+) button at the bottom left and rename the text that shows up if you want to.

Add the Fluid Userscript

Userscript for Google+ Notification

  • On the bottom text area, paste in the following code.
window.fluid.dockBadge = ”;
setTimeout(updateDockBadge, 1000);
setTimeout(updateDockBadge, 3000);
setInterval(updateDockBadge, 5000);
function updateDockBadge() {
var newBadge = ”;
var notifications = document.getElementsByClassName(“gb_Fa gb_Ha”);
if (notifications.length > 0 && notifications[0].innerHTML > 0) {
newBadge = notifications[0].innerHTML;
window.fluid.dockBadge = newBadge;
  • This won’t work for most of you though so you need to edit “gb_Fa gb_Ha” from the code above.
  • Right click on your Google+ notification icon and inspect it

Inspect your Google Plus Notification Icon

  • Look for the div class with the drop down arrow. Click on that.

Google+ Notification ID

  • The next line will show the class code that you’ll need.

The Correct Notification ID

  • Go back to your userscripts window and replace “gb_Fa gb_Ha” with what you found. In the example above, it’s “gb_Ma gb_Na”
  • Restart the App (CMD+Q)
  • You should see your notification badge now!
Google+ should be showing in your Mac Dock Now

Yes, that’s Trello on the left. Let me know if you want the userscript for that.

No, Google+ is not a Ghost town

Get on-board and try to engage with the people there.

There are so many great people on Google+ that you can learn from. +Dustin Stout, +Mike Allton, +Martin Shervington, +Dan Petrovic, +Mark Traphagen, +Stephan Hovnanian, +Max Minzer, +Pauline Cabrera, +Valerie Joy Deveza – are but a few.

Hangouts and Communities are also wonderful channels to make use of and many businesses are already getting the most out of them!

I really hope this simple guide will help improve your Google+ experience.

Add me up on Google+ and let me know if you want to add any other userscripts to improve this post further.
[ts_fab tabs=”googleplus”]

Update: Troubleshooting the Badge Code

  • Have you restarted the app? If not, then restart it.
  • There are 2 “gb_** gb_**” variations there, so it should be the one with the number of notifications. (See screenshot above)
  • Check the Pattern if it’s correct and checked.
  • Sometimes, you’ll see only div class=”gb_Pa” and won’t be able to find the correct ID. Make sure you have pending notifications. Don’t click it. Just refresh it. It should load fine with the correct ID.
Google+ Loading Problem

If you can only see this, send yourself a message and refresh it.

  • Be sure you have pending notifications. Send yourself a private message so there’s a “1” there. The correct ID should be beside that “1”

The Correct Notification ID

PS. For those on Android, the Google+ app has released a new Auto Awesome update. You might want to check out the Auto Awesome stories feature.

PPS. UPDATE: Other Icons you can use for other Fluid Apps.

Trello App Icon for Mac – I use Trello daily. It’s a MUST for me. If you need the Notification userscript for Fluid, then here it is.

Need an app developed? Talk to us!

(function () {
if (!window.fluid) {
alert(“This script is meant to be run in Fluid! You should disable it.”);
window.fluid.dockBadge = ”;
setInterval(newNotif, 500);
var old_badge_count = 0;
function update_dock_badge() {
var new_badge_count = ”;
if (old_badge_count && old_badge_count.length >= 1) {
new_badge_count = old_badge_count;
console.log(‘new_badge_count: ‘ + new_badge_count);
console.log(‘old_badge_count: ‘ + old_badge_count);
window.fluid.dockBadge = new_badge_count;
function newNotif() {
var notification_count = document.getElementsByClassName(‘js-unread-note-count’)[0]
var notification_message = “”;
if (notification_count.innerHTML != old_badge_count){
old_badge_count = notification_count.innerHTML;
if(notification_count.innerHTML > 0)
if(notification_count.innerHTML == 1)
notification_message = “You have one new notification”;
notification_message = “You have “+ notification_count.innerHTML + ” new notifications”;
title: “Trello”,
description: notification_message,
priority: 1,
sticky: true,
onclick: window.fluid.activate()
identifier: “Trello Notifier”,
icon: “http://f.cl.ly/items/313B3P1Z0Z043Q050X1L/trello.png”

Buffer App for Mac – It’s easier to schedule like this. At least I won’t forget.

BuzzStream App Icon – I love how it works with Chrome very well, but to conserve battery, I use Fluid to run Buzzstream.

buzzstream app for mac

We love BuzzStream’s Logo Turned into an App Icon

Reddit App Icon – I’m a troll LOL. I love reading Reddit. You can learn a lot just by hanging out there. Hopefully, I can be a good-enough, smart ass in the future to be a contributing part of it’s communities.


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  • Google Plus is far from dead, not sure we have the complete package yet but its way better than Facebook is and ever will be.

    • Yeah, the daily “Google+ is dead” “Google+ is a ghost town” article is getting boring but it is turning off a lot of users. I’ve met a lot of people that have G+ accounts but never use them because they think it’s going to die. They stick with Instagram/FB/Twitter.

      As long as it’s not like Orkut, then they shouldn’t just kill it. 🙂

      The daily, “Facebook is losing teens” article though, is also getting boring but I guess it’s only fair lol

  • i have quite an extensive Google Plus Guide and Tutorial on my site, perhaps you should pass the link to your friends, and show them the light 😉

    • HA! It will take a ton of time to stop them from reading their daily Buzzfeed bait piece. Sure, I’ll take a look at your Google+ guide 🙂

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