7 Actionable Search Engine Optimization Strategies You Can Do Today

by Dennis Seymour February 24, 2015
Actionable SEO Search engine optimization Strategies Tips & Techniques

As you dive deeper into the world of Internet marketing, you learn that one thing is usually a constant:

SEO takes hard work.

It’s why people outsource it in the first place.  On the most basic level, we all “know” how SEO works, really… but SEO strategy implementation is a whole other beast, and it’s what most of us often struggle with.  Even those who’ve been doing it for a while still have to expend a lot of effort in it, which only further daunts those still starting out.

So yeah, actually doing SEO can be hard.

It doesn’t have to be that hard though.

Over time, you learn little things that save you some effort.  They might seem small, but put them all together and you’ll find yourself doing your work with quite a bit less sweat than before.

So let’s say you start feeling like this:

That’s OK, because you can check out these search engine optimization strategies that you can (and SHOULD) do today to make your SEO implementation just that little bit less agonizing.

So without further ado, here are…

actionable seo search engine optimization strategies tips techniques

On-Page Search Engine Optimization Tweaks

There’s no question that I like doing on-page SEO. It’s one of the easiest things you can do to get quality results from, time and time again.

If you’ve signed up to our email list, you already got some cool tips on how you can do it. (PS: Those tips will stay exclusive, which means only for the subscribers.)

If you haven’t been putting any importance in your on-page SEO, then be sure that you do, it’s a big deal.  And the earlier you start, the earlier you’ll get results.

If you’re new to on-page SEO, then you might want to look first at this post from Luke Jordan on Intergeek. Great job my friend… that is, at least I think we are (LOL).

Anyway, let’s talk about the strategies.  As there are a lot of ways to optimize your page, I’ll share some of my go-to yet simple-to-apply ones.

on-page SEO tips tweaks meta titles descriptions mobile-ready

  1. Stick to the basics – If a project is time-sensitive and if I could only do one thing, then I need to have a good meta title and meta description for all my pages. This is the easiest to do yet has the highest return in terms of being efficient and effective. You get to optimize for search engines and you get to optimize for searchers. Reel them in with a good title and description, even if you are a few places lower in the search results. Once you have the time for your project, that’s when you start with the other little things you can do, from optimizing images, to speeding up your site, to adding static pages, LSI and other best practices.
  2. Optimizing for mobile – IF you have been living in the mountains for the past years, then you probably missed the news about how big mobile traffic is. You are probably getting traffic from it already but Google has started to put more importance in it recently. If your site is not mobile-ready yet, then you probably got an email from Google already about it. That’s how important it is for them.
  3. Fixing your UI and UX, with a twist – Everybody who talks about on-page SEO strategy always mentions UI (User Interface) and UX (User eXperience, because UE didn’t sound cool) but they don’t really talk about real-life tests. The way I do it is running tests by using heatmaps (Crazy Egg or SumoMe) and by using this service from UserTesting. Seriously, try it and apply your findings. Test again and repeat. That’s how you do UXO quickly. Face it, SEO is and will always be an ongoing process.

Using Micro Data

micro data seo markups knowledge graph

Speaking of on-page SEO, you’re probably very aware of micro data usage by now.

You see it in your results when you look for recipes. You see it when you look for products. You see it when you look for local businesses. Heck, you even see it when you look for reviews about that 50 Shades movie.

Yes, I do miss Google Authorship (don’t remind me!) but there are still tons of cool things you can do with it.

It’s all about applying the proper markups to fit what you are offering on the page you are promoting.

  1. Apply basic markups – If you’re a local business, then use markups for an organization/local business. If you are reviewing a product, then use the review markup. You get the picture.
  2. Being an entity in the knowledge graph – As we move forward, the knowledge graph will continue to keep growing in importance. Search engines are starting to show “answers” on the results pages and that’s something you need to be aware of. For you and your brand, you need to start now so you can capitalize on this sooner rather than later. Create and fill up your Freebase account, connect your Wikipedia page to it and markup your website with information where Google can continue to identify your information. It will take a while for the information to show up so don’t worry.
  3. Icing on the cake – Now that you’re an “entity” in the Knowledge Graph, you need to solidify it further with some bonus markups. You can add your logo markup or even your personal photo. One of the more recent ones that Google introduced is for adding official Social Profiles and this has the potential to be a big one, especially for companies. Try it out now and see for yourself.

Seriously, all you need to do is follow the instructions Google already gave you.

Don’t over-complicate this. Don’t be thrown off by “codes”, because it’s easier than you think.

It’s very actionable for anyone. Just pick the right markups for your site based on Google’s list on the link above, plug in the details and put the code on your site. Test it with this tool and fix the errors if you have any.

Do it once, do it right. Thank me later.

Building Authority and Brand

One of the most important, yet probably the most tedious of all SEO strategies out there, is building your brand, trust and authority.

When most people talk about SEO, link building usually comes to mind. That fuels the discussions, the development of clever ways of getting links and the neverending debates of how “dangerous” it is. It’s done so for over a decade.

In contrast, when it comes to the boring and slow authority building, it gets relegated to articles that say you should “build trust” or “build your site as an authority” or something similar.

You know what? There’s a reason why they keep saying that and it’s why those people are in the position they are now.

They took time to build authority and trust while others built links like crazy, then lost sites and businesses through the years.

This is the beauty of the Internet. Anybody can claim to be an expert but building that lasting trust for your brand will still separate you from the rest.

But how do you build authority anyway?

authority brand building essentials basics

You start just as you would do it for an offline company. You build connections and proof that you are “for real”, and grow a loyal following.

  • You engage with people that are already in the space, up to a point that they will recognize you as a fellow authority in that niche.
    • Start by finding their social accounts and then connect with them. LinkedIN is incredibly useful in this case.
    • Podcasts – This has been fairly new to me, but I’ve been following a lot of podcasts in the space recently. In my case, Pat Flynn’s Podcasts are on the top of my list.
    • Comment and engage on their blogs. Target a list of blogs, put them in your Feedly account and schedule a time when you will be checking it to leave your thoughts on their work. My friends Ryan Biddulph and Adrienne Smith built their empires from this.
    • Be memorable. It works.
    • Since they now know you somehow, send them an email (personalize your email) and offer your soul and everlasting friendship. Can’t go wrong with that.
  • You create great content, preferably, evergreen content (infographics, case studies, tutorials) so people can see your expertise and trust you. (We’ll get to this later as this deserves its own spot.)
  • Continue to grow your presence online. Using social media, building up your profiles, answering questions on places like Quora, joining communities and groups. Simply put, be everywhere. For those that can’t be bothered with this, it doesn’t have to be boring and tedious. Set up the profiles once, make sure everything looks great. Schedule when you will be active on those channels and then document how you do it, how you interact, what you share and so on. Finished?  Now just outsource it.
  • Use HARO to get mentions on media sites. It’s a really old technique but still one of the best ways to build authority today. While you’re at it, join ProfNet, SourceBottle, PitchRate and MediaKitty. Teach your inbox software to filter terms that you want to participate in to save you time and be sure to answer quickly.

How the hell does it help your SEO?

Short Answer:
Links + Brand Mentions

Longer Answer:
You’ll get mentioned.  Repeatedly.

Some will have links, some won’t. Brand mentions are practically counted as links nowadays (so be sure you set up your Freebase as mentioned in the Micro Data section above) but you can still track them with TalkWalker or Mention.net and reach out to get them to link to you.

You’ll even have images stolen from time to time, so this technique from Jun will get you some extra links coming in. Search for “Image Link Building” to jump over to that part of the post.

You’ll get more opportunities from people that want to interview you about certain topics like this one that Sue did or feature you on their sites.

At the end of the day, people will trust in your brand more since they found you from an authority site. Being recognized as an authority will just get you those backlinks “naturally” (or organically, depending on which part of the world you are from) so you don’t have to worry about building links nor worry about if link building is bad or not.

As you can see, it takes time and a lot of people prefer to skip this step as it’s hard to scale from their point of view.

That’s where you will have the advantage so don’t overlook this SEO strategy.

Get on Expert Interviews

The bad news is, you’re late. A lot of people are already doing this so they can acquire links to their sites as well as social signals.

The good news is, I’m not talking about you doing the interview, though it’s a great way to get into someone’s radar and start a conversation.

What I want is to get mentioned.

mentions seo link

When you do, you get a link and you get to build relevancy in Google’s eyes, since you’re on the same page as other experts.

True, everybody is doing it. There are now 55, 120, or 140 experts in one list. Though I’d love to see someone go over 1000 as that would be truly epic, it would be crazy because nobody will actually read that! For me it’s still a link, a relevant one.

Anyway, this is where your authority usually comes in handy. You just get emailed out of the blue. Violà! You get a link.

But for most of us that aren’t quite there yet, you just have to be at the right place, at the right time.

Remember that I mentioned joining communities and groups earlier? Facebook or Google+ alone has a ton of them just waiting for you. It’s where bloggers can easily poll an audience and get targeted answers since the members of the group know about the topic! Those are then converted into blog posts.

It’s how I got a spot on Prosperity Media’s roundup. I’m no Jon Cooper, who creates some of the best SEO tutorials out there like this recently updated one, but I did get to be mentioned on the same list. That’s a #WIN in my book.

So if you’re doing a roundup soon, I’m still personally pretty far away from where I want to be so send me your roundup interview requests, NOW!

Link Roundups

Building links will always be shunned by some SEO “evangelists” but at the end of the day, they also build links, one way or another.

It’s how Google works. It’s the foundation of their algorithm back then, today and for the foreseeable future, no matter what they say.

One of the easiest ways for you to build links and spread the word is by looking for link roundups. People that specifically round up the best links weekly, bi-weekly or monthly as blog posts to share to their followers.

Simply type this in Google: intitle:roundup january “KW”

google search link roundup

You can remove January there. I just put the month there to trim down the results a little further by showing those that published for the month of January. You can add the year if you want a more recent one or pick a date range in Google’s settings.

If you don’t believe that this is easy and highly possible, then let’s just say that we got this link by “chance”.

Evergreen Content

evergreen content seo

Make your site flourish by having evergreen content.

You create content that is really, really great.

You’re like: Aww, come on now.

It’s a cliché, I know, but it works once you figure out how to do it. Seriously, publishing evergreen content is easy with the right steps.

You’ll even be able to create “unique terms” like Brian Dean does when you become an authority in the niche. If the terms catch on, then you’ll have endless mentions for them over the years which you can harvest and reach out to to get more links from. Brian will have a field day with his terms. Shout out to his latest about Share Triggers.

Depending on your niche, you will encounter different types of content that will work better than others but in most cases, tutorials (like this from Dave, who I admire for putting out great content and being very honest with his results) and case studies (like this one from Razvan, who never disappoints with his research work) work the best across niches.

So you published your evergreen content: it will rank on its own, right?

Wrong! You shouldn’t stop there.

You need to promote your content and find sites to link to it.

Here are some examples you can do really easily:

  • Promote the content to people that you link to
  • Tell the people that are in the same niche about it
  • Email your subscribers
  • Push it out to your followers

To find people that will link to it, here’s a quick way to do it:

  • You have a keyword that you targeted for your content, search Google and BuzzSumo for articles that show up for that keyword.
  • Plug that into Open Site Explorer, BacklinkWatch, AHrefs and MajesticSEO
  • Export all the results to a text file and clear up the duplicates. TextMate can easily do this.
  • Reach out to them.

I know I’m over-simplifying things because you need to qualify the sites and prioritize whom to strategically
reach out to first but that’s basically all you need to know for this strategy.

Overcomplicating things will just lead to more inaction.

Celebrity Outreach

Celebrity blog ermagerd

Because any excuse to use this photo LOL. via:buzzfeed.com

Today, even celebrities are blogging. This can be anybody, from models, to wrestlers, to gymnasts, even hosts. It’s not just limited to actors.

They are similar to mommy bloggers, in terms of blogging about general topics, but they are less demanding in most cases since many of them consider themselves as “tech-challenged” and are eager to hear new concepts.

Pitching something to them with the right angle can easily net you a link and with the amount of followers they have, will bring in a lot of traffic. Traffic you thought you would never see on your site.

This in turn gets your brand out there, in-front of more eyeballs, which leads to more social shares and eventually, indirect links.

How do you find them?

Instagram is my go-to choice. They usually have their link in the bio and use the URL as the location of their photo.

I also listen to podcasts, watch TV, read “dirt sheets” and listen to radio shows. You’ll hear them promoting their personal websites or if you have a celebrity in mind, you can simply type in the name in Google.

Oh, since you are an SEO, you can definitely use Google queries to search for them.

How do you contact them?

The good old Contact Page, Whois Lookup, Social Media are all the options you need. If you are desperate, call their agents as that is usually the public number shown on their sites.

The best part is you will get to know them and with a good enough relationship, you could get them to share a new offer regularly or put out a good word for your brand.

By now, you should be able to see how this can affect different niches. It’s really powerful and really fun to execute.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

I wrote this article with the goal of showing search engine optimization strategies that can be applied to ANY niche.

There are literally thousands of articles out there that will tell you what you can do to improve your SEO. Some of them will be spot on, but most of them will just be conflicting. More often than not, many of the SEO articles that you’ll encounter will just talk about things that are only applicable to the “Make Money Online” (Internet Marketing) space.

So just to quickly recap:

  • Apply On-Page SEO tweaks and stick with the basics.
  • Use the proper Micro Data on your site.
  • Build your Authority & Brand as early as possible and stick with it.
  • Get on Expert Interview roundups by knowing where they hangout.
  • Link Roundups are still a viable way to build links.
  • Evergreen Content will always be the most important proof you have about your expertise. It’s also very Google friendly.
  • Celebrity Outreach (I’d like to take credit for this term and strategy!) is a viable way to get links and to promote your brand.

You should implement these SEO strategies as early as now. They are all really actionable and you’ll be amazed what will happen to your SEO just by doing these simple things.

If you have questions or clarifications, be sure to leave me a comment below.  You can also join our email list to get our latest posts and exclusive tips straight to your inbox.


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  • Do you know of a good WP plugin to do the micro data or you still have to do it by hand -groan!

    Great article and thanks for the advice.

    • Hi Dale!


      Honestly, the closest thing I have used is the one from Raven. I haven’t used anything else, everything is by hand.

      Good news though, that’s one less active plugin on your WP site LOL

      I’ll do a little research. If I find one, I’ll let you know.

      BTW, we appreciate the share as well! 🙂

  • Hey Dennis – thanks very much for the mention. The admiration is mutual.


  • Great post, Dennis, thanks for the mention too.

    You got a friend in me!

    I’m also interested in the answer to Dale’s queston about microdata WP plugin. All of the ones I’ve tested seem to spit out ugly information on the page that is visible to users. If there isn’t a plugin, can’t you just make one or something? You are a genius after all.

    Enjoy the rest of your week. I’m still trying to work out how you spend 25 hours a day online; you’re everywhere!

    All the best,

    Luke Jordan

    • Hey Luke,

      I’m not everywhere. You got the wrong person lol.
      I practically don’t have the time to write blog posts (that’s why it’s just 1 per month) so I cant possibly be anywhere else but doing project work 😀

      Harleena and Adrienne are the queens of that department. They are indeed everywhere.

      Nowadays, you are also everywhere. I dropped by Will’s blog and boom, you are there! 😀

      As for the plugin, I’ll see if my developer has the time to test that out. We’ve never created a plugin before

      Ill reply to your email soon, I batch it up so I take a while to reply.

      • Hi, Dennis,

        Wow, what an awesome article – when you write epic content like that, you don’t have to worry about frequency, my friend. Shares are way up to, so hope the traffic is pouring in.

        Bookmarking yet again, and thank you for the wonderful tutorial.

        I think UE was taken for something else so they had to make the acronym with a snazzy modern twist.

        Great job! Hope you have a lovely day!


        • Thanks Carol!

          Yeah, I think UE was taken or going to be mistaken with something else. Plus UX sounds cooler in it’s own way 😀

          Not yet pouring in but I do have the occasional good day lol.

          The site still lacks the authority at this stage but it’s slowly creeping up.
          Hopefully, it gets better each month 🙂

          Enjoy your week!

  • It’s a hell lot of useful information. I will need some time to grasp this thing in a proper manner. Everytime I hear about building connections, buddy. I am a complete beginner in this field. I don’t know how to contact the biggies in my niche. Can you suggest something?

    • Hi Yatin!

      Thanks! Sure, show me an example. You can also drop me an email, we can discuss it there.

  • Hi, Dennis,

    Great article! I wish I had this when I was a beginning blogger.

    Thanks for the shout out to Successful Blogging 🙂

    • Hi Sue!

      Thanks and no problem! 🙂

  • Hey Dennis, awesome work man. This is one of the few posts that lives up to the word “actionable” in the title. Props!

  • Great points on SEO Dennis.
    You are an authority man and that makes people want to hook up with you. Getting you featured improves your SEO and kicks you up the stairs 😉

    • Thanks Enstine! Ill need all the kicking I can get! Hustle time baby! 😀
      Ill talk to you soon man!

  • I will definitely apply all this learning. Keep making me better!

    • Thanks Naveen! Hope you can make good use of them!

  • Hi Dennis,

    Good and a long post with lots of information. I would like to circle out one of my favourite hero link building techniques. I follow @Brain Dean for that. Just started to fire it out and soon Ill turn up around and make tons of sites linking to my blog. This is informative post and it will be help full for me and also for most of the newbie bloggers to get the accurate and most SEO strategies for bloggers from your blog post.

    Quite to mention # Get Great expert interview. This is first success I made and posted in my blog, where I got first expert interview from Neil. I believe that Expert interviews will definitely grow your visitors and also personal brand in front of all. All the above mentions tips of SEO is really worth and thanks for it bro.

    Have a great day,

    • Thanks Siva. Looking forward to seeing your blog grow even more!

  • Dennis,

    What an excellent and informative and detailed blog post.
    I got stuck on Markups. What are they and how do you do markups on your web site.
    There is so much technical information here. It seems that the web just gets
    more and more complex even though some things are much simpler to do now.

    Dr. Erica

  • Wow, quite the post Dennis!

    I don’t know about any one else, but I’ve become disillusioned with SEO. SO many ups and downs over the years, it gets quite frustrating! Play the game and win for a while, then get shut down.

    Maybe your detailed post will inspire me to get back at it.

    I have to say there are some things I have not even though about like UI.

    Will be reading this closer tonight.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks Ron!

      Glad you liked it. Do those and you wont really have to worry about those ups and downs.

      There are a lot of varying information out there and over half of them will cause you to the “downs” 🙂

  • Hi Dennis,

    Informative and detailed post, yet again 🙂

    Lol…I loved the first image of that girl – so apt! All of your posts about these SEO strategies are so spot on, and one can just nod in agreement. You are of course an authority, and you must let me know if I am making some headway, somewhere, because I just barely know anything more than the basics where SEO is concerned.

    Yes, the aim to help people is always there foremost on my mind, and thus the starting of the ABC, which you know is growing slowly, yet steadily. Good to see a few Ahaian’s here as well, while more would join in soon 🙂

    I could relate to your three C’s of authority, and I think they are so important. Without a strong social media presence, how do your posts reach the masses! You are right about the part on evergreen content too, though it might never be found if the basics of SEO aren’t applied to it, though I still remain confused about what really works or what doesn’t, thanks to the ever changing Google!

    Thanks for sharing all of this with us, which I’d be sharing further as it would help so many more. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hey Harleena!

      You are among the few that dont need SEO for their sites haha 🙂

      Thanks for sharing! I certainly hope it reaches enough people since the purpose of creating these posts is to actually help people.

      Ill try to make next month’s topic a bit more on the fun side so you won’t get bored anymore with all these SEO talk. 😀

  • Hi Dennis

    Wow! What a post. So informative and very resourceful.

    You are about SEO strategies. One should apply them from the very beginning. Reading your post, the SEO strategies that you have listed will boost a brand with immediate effect.

    You are spot on about On page, Brand and ever green content strategies. I agree that building reputation takes time but it does have its reward. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week.

    • Thank you Ikechi! You have a great weekend my friend.

  • Hi there and thank you for excellent post. Only want to add to this that I am thinking it would be very usefull to start explaining to folks that a technology is not a problem for web success. I think discipline and willingness for long run achievements is the main reason why people fail with seo and web attendence in general. Regards, Matija

    • Hi Matija,

      That’s a great point. As I would love to touch on topics like that as I have a ton of stories about that, it seems inappropriate for me to blog about that, especially on a company blog hehe 🙂 Probably on my personal blog soon.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I highly appreciate it!

  • Hi Dennis

    So this is the biggest benefit of low posting frequency that you always come up with a post that becomes talk of the town.

    Between the lines there is huge message in this post and SEO is no more simply a one kind of strategy where you do a few things-to-do and it is done. As much ways and means one can apply it is best to get the greater results.

    Yes the basic strategy of SEO especially of on-page SEO is almost same and it is widely said it will remain same. The only difference between online and offline world is search engines which are not found in offline world and there are different tools to get fame and success while in online world the only and the most effective way to expand outreach and expand customer base is obviously winning the search engines.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this very informative and useful post.

    • Hey Mi!

      Thanks! It’s not really on that scale but I hope Ill get within striking distance this year LOL 🙂
      Thinking positive, wish me luck!

      I do feel that I need to post more often like you do, but it just cant make myself do it at this time so I admire how you work.

      Always appreciate your input!

  • Hey Dennis,

    You do know how to cover all areas when it comes to SEO and thank goodness for you because so much of this is over my head.

    I am familiar with on page SEO though, I think it’s some of the more advanced things that I get confused about but at least I now have a friend in you to ask if I ever feel the need.

    Thank you for the mention by the way, Ryan and I have built our blogs solely from blog commenting so anyone who says that doesn’t work just isn’t eager to try their hand at that. Oh wait, they could be doing it all wrong too. Just like we can do SEO all wrong and get slapped really hard by the Google Gods.

    So you are definitely making these posts worthy of ending up in my list for next months shares. Can you say yay! 😉

    Thanks Dennis for taking the time to share all of this with us and even though I read the entire post I’m going to have to do it again when I have more time to check out every detail. By the way, I did order a video from the User Testing site so am anxious to hear what they say. I think I’m scared. LOL!!!

    Hope you and the family are doing well my friend.


    • Really??? Don’t get my hopes up!! Haha! I’ll jump for joy when that happens.

      Definitely, a lot of people pass up on commenting because it’s not really the easiest thing in the world to do but the connections that come out of that, simply priceless.

      Oh, don’t worry about UserTesting. Youll learn a lot from someone that has a fresh view of the site. Just look at it that way. UX is a big part of everything nowadays. You’ll get to improve and that is especially great for all your new visitors.

  • Hi Dennis,

    It was great to be here. 🙂
    Awesome and informative post!
    SEO is an interesting topic. And you really bring up an interesting topic.

    You know, every article I read about SEO tips and strategies usually have more or less the same, sometimes conflict each other. But your article provides strategies that are unique and interesting. The information offered is also useful for many people. Thanks for sharing this, Dennis.

    I will sharing now..:)


    • Hey, thanks Nanda! Yeah, SEO articles does tend to get a little confusing and sometimes, misleading, but I do hope I didn’t do any of those in this post Appreciate you for sharing your thoughts 😀

  • Wow Dennis,

    I have been clicking away on several of these sites. I’ve tested the Google tool and bingo..It was a great response. I also tried a few of those links, which I need to go back later to check out. I’m in a whirlwind here. I’m not the SEO type of gal, but these golden nuggets you have given are pretty cool.

    I have built up my blog organically with comments and social shares. I do the minimum when it comes to SEO. So this is a great lesson to me and I thank you for all these links you have provided. I always feel like the gal in the first picture he he.

    So now that I have spent almost an hour here playing around with these links and signing up for a test drive on one….I’m sure I had made your day with the bounce rate ha ha!

    I sincerely thank you for sharing so much knowledge here and I do need to get out of my box with SEO….you have helped me so much today.


    • Hi Donna!

      My bounce rate says 3.50% right now so it’s probably you that messed that up. Hahahaha. Kidding.

      Glad you liked this post enough to check everything out! 🙂

      Your site is already doing pretty well and adding more SEO work to it will give you that bump in traffic to move you up to the next level.

      I appreciate you coming over and sharing this very much!

  • Hey Dennis,

    You never cease to amaze me with your SEO knowledge Dennis. You are definitely the go to person in regards to this topic. I like the fact that you layer out this post about SEO for everyone, no matter if they’re a beginner or veteran, to understand and instantly implement into their blogs!

    Keep it up Bruh! Thanks for sharing!

    • Awesome! Glad you liked it Sherman!

  • Thank you for such a well written and extremely thorough post Dennis!

    I like your first point of sticking to the proven basics! That sounds like evergreen advice
    that i can and will apply from now on!

    You’ve shared some many incredibly practical and doable steps! and your other point
    is extremely well taken too!

    Which is, proven SEO strategies and tactics, is definitely not easy!

    Thanks for being so upfront about what’s actually needed! That’s always greatly appreciated!!

    • Hey Mark!

      Yeah, that’s really something a lot of people I’ve talked to miss out on. It’s usually just the little things that can be done right after they finish their content, taking a couple minutes to fix up before publishing. Little things that you do once and will help in the long run 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by!

  • Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for such a great post on SEO. Things are changing all the time so it’s so good to have access to your amazing posts that are packed with so much good stuff.

    I’ve tried the Peek thing, see what happens 🙂



    • Hi Beth!

      Peek is awesome. If you want a more targeted one, their main offer will let you segment a specific type of demographic 🙂
      It’s pretty cool, you’ll see a bunch of things you can improve that you originally wont see or think is a problem.

  • Hi Dennis
    This is a really interesting article. I must admit..my eyes can glaze over when it comes to lots of topics related to blogging. But, you provide so much helpful information that I actually want to read it because I feel like I am learning something. I really resonate with building authority because I feel like that is what I have been doing by creating quality content, interacting with readers and creating a blog that people want to come back to. I write longer posts and I am sure that benefits me when it comes to search engine rankings.

    Great stuff!

    • Thanks Kelli!

      I’m sure you are on the right path! You and Ryan make a powerful team! I have no doubt you are building your authority and traffic from Google month by month. Keep inspiring! 🙂

  • You really managed to hit all the high points in this post, Dennis.

    And thanks so much for the shout; being memorable DOES work!

    • Thanks Ana! Great to see you over here! #TeachersPet

  • The internet is growing up. It’s constantly changing, let’s face it. SEO is improving and constantly evolving. SEO companies nowadays made website owners do beyond boundaries because everything is getting tougher and tougher.

    When it comes to SEO, sticking to the basics will help more than using tricks or gimmicks to increase your rankings, despite all the evolution. Start with a well-built website with clean codes. Doing so, will make you understand things easily.

    • That’s right Metz! Thanks for coming over!

  • How very true, SEO does need work.

    That said if one reads and understands Blog posts like this one, you really get to know what needs to be done to get your Blog posts indexed properly by search engines, and then delivered appropriately to seekers of your type of content by the search engine.

    Your advice to stick to the basics makes a ton of sense. Search engines, being what they are, always scan your Blog post for the bits of information that they want, namely, A great attention grabber Meta Title, and a well written supportive Meta Description.

    I think its really unwise to leave the search engine to extract its own Blog post description, while search engines today are mighty clever, there are no comparison to the Blog post author, who has an immeasurably greater intellect than the SE when it comes to crafting the perfect Blog post Description to be delivered to the SE via the HTML, Meta tag, Description attribute.

    Crafting an arresting Blog Title, and ensuring that its delivered to the SE via the HTML Meta tag, Title attribute is another very wise thing to do to ensure that the link to your Blog post, gets clicked in the search engine’s results page.

    All off which can be done almost effortlessly using one of several excellent SEO plugins, if WordPress delivers your Blog site.

    Optimizing for mobile, awesome, Google has been on about this for a long time now. Today there is a huge chunk of people accessing the Internet using one mobile device or the other. Failing to craft your website, to delight such visitors in really not an option.

    If you are technically challenged, this can be addressed by ensuring that you use a responsive template for your Blog site.

    All of WordPress 4.X.X, default theme are out of the box – responsive.

    Eye catching, fast loading, responsive Blog site themes are pretty inexpensive. Additionally, there are 1000’s of superb looking FREE responsive themes available. Just Google for Free responsive WordPress themes and you will be blown away. Hence, with just a little effort you can have a responsive WordPress Blog site.

    So few people use specific mark-up code blocks that both Browsers and SE understand today to add substantial value to their Blog posts.

    Even if you are not a coder, there are a large number of excellent websites that fully automate the mark-up to be added to your Blog post theme, which will help build your Brand and authority quickly. Just Google for them.

    Your section on brand building using Social streams is beautifully and concisely written. It makes all the sense in the world. Thank you for creating such a well written, Blog post that added so much value to me when I read through it.

    • Hi Ivan!

      Wow. You nailed all those things 🙂

      That’s right, a lot of people that do SEO skip a lot of those and by doing so, they miss out on things that would’ve already took them over the hump to beat the next competitor above.

      Sometimes, the simplest things can give the biggest results.

      Thanks for a the great comment Ivan! Appreciate it very much!

  • Hi Dennis,

    Fantastic post!!!! I really love the depth that you covered. It’s a challenge and really overwhelming for those who are newer on the scene of internet marketing for business.

    I’ve been in the industry for ten years now and the changes have been staggering. I’m really excited by where Google is heading and how sophisticated the algorithms are now. It’s a whole new world and I understand it’s about to get even newer. As with all things, we’ll see, right?

    I can remember a time when you had to keyword stuff just to recognized by Google That shows you how far we’ve come…

    Great post Dennis.

    I hope you have a great week!!!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • That’s crazy long ago! You’ve been around so long! I could still remember those days, hiding keywords in the same font as the background and stuffing meta keywords LOL. That was waaaaaaaay before these article spinning or “keyword density” based content stuffing became main stream. Haha. Good ol’ days.

      Thanks for coming over! I really appreciate it! Im working hard on my guest post so I look forward to sending it over 😀

  • Hi there Dennis,

    Great post here! I really do agree that SEO can be challenging and a headache however the key to making it easy is like what you’ve done which is to break it down into small detailed steps. Most of which you’ve shared is a one-time set-up like making your website mobile friendly.

    Yes, SEO is hard, but YES, SEO is rewarding and powerful once taken seriously and implemented properly.

    I always believe in Evergreen content. As long as value is there, once people check that out, next thing you know it will naturally build authority and backlinks on it’s own.

    Thanks for sharing Dennis! I got a bunch of golden nuggets from this post.


    • Hey thanks Pete. SEO is definitely rewarding. These are still basic-intermediate tips though so I look forward to having the opportunity to share more advanced things in the future.

      Your IP is in the spam database though so better do something about that.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Hello Dennis, I loved every tip you gave away here man, particularly because you mentioned micro data but there’s something I can’t understand 100% and hope you don’t mind me asking but, why do you relate on page SEO with U/X?

    SEO in its purest form, is about optimizing content, not layouts or GUIs.

    Sure, SEO is related to U/X when it comes to improving usability but SEO is a lot closer to semantic markup which focuses on describing what the content is really about.

    U/X and heatmaps are used to understand user’s behaviour (not web semantics) which is a whole different thing so again my question is, why would we talk about U/X on a SEO context?

    Sergio Felix

    • Hey Sergio! Great of you to drop by and that’s a great question.

      UX will always be discussed with SEO today.

      In it’s most basic form, SEO is about text/content and whatever else there is on the page. We used to optimize that and that’s that. We go out, eat and celebrate.

      Today, we have to factor different things, like how people get around your site, how long they stay, do they leave immediately and many more. We don’t want them to leave 2 seconds after landing on your page so they can look at other results in Google.

      I didn’t really say heatmaps can help SEO directly. The heatmaps are there to answer questions like “what went wrong” or “where did they look” so I can further improve my content and the actual placements of things. This in turn improves my on-page SEO.

      You are doing it for the user (not just for robots) and that’s definitely the route Google wants to take the algorithm to and from my tests, they already have that in place and it’s improving as they continue to tweak it.

      I put that under on-page SEO simply because I’m fixing the actual page. I’m simple minded like that 😉
      It adds to the on-page factors as I improve it and that helps my overall SEO.

      I appreciate this a lot more when working on bigger sites. The data you can gather can help turn a whole campaign upside down.

      Thanks! Appreciate you sharing your thoughts man!

  • Hi Dennis! What a fantastic post! I agree. SEO is hard, but is definitely rewarding and powerful when implemented properly. I love your “Celebrity Outreach” – definitely one to add to our SEO arsenal. I miss Google Authorship, too! Will be looking closely at Micro Data to make sure I’m using it to the fullest potential. How about an article on it?

    • Hi Robin!

      Thanks! You have to try that out to love it. It’s pretty awesome long term.

      I do miss seeing my face in the SERPS haha.

      Yeah, I’ll definitely put that in the content calendar for next time. I was originally planning to do one but I stopped because they are still changing things for it. Maybe when I release the plugin I’m working on.

  • This is seriously an AMAZING breakdown of some simple things you can do for SEO. I have been involved with internet marketing and SEO for about 7 years now and honestly have never seen such a well written article on some simple things to do and how to implement them. I picked u a few things as well! Thanks!

    • Hi Kyle!

      Thanks for that! Appreciate the kind words. It helps with motivation on writing the next one haha.

  • Hi Dennis,
    It is my first time on your blog I think. I would like to say thanks to Kingded which redirect me on this blog post.
    I am agree with you that it is necessary to optimize your blog for mobile because today most of people uses mobiles and tabs.
    The other thing onpage, onpage is the most important factor for a successful SEO campaign.
    Interview is also a great way to gain attraction of audience and gain some new visitor to your blog.
    I am also going to try Interview series on my blog.

    Have a great day 🙂
    With Regards,

    • Hi Naveen!

      Hope you can come back again regularly! 🙂

      Thanks for checking it out and leaving your thoughts!

      • Yes Sure Dennis,
        I am going to subscribe your feed. 🙂

  • Hi Dennis,

    Wow, this post was full of great information and it’s one that I would need to come back to over and over to digest.

    It seems to be an older post but that’s the one you had linked to my blog on my today’s post.

    When it comes to SEO I know the basics, I’m not an expert by any means but that’s certainly great to learn as much as we can.

    Great info.

    • Thanks Sylviane. I only get to post here once a month so it’s not that old… it’s the latest one though if that counts lol

      Yeah, as you continue to grow your audience, SEO will be a constant thing you need to be aware of so the basics will do for now 🙂

  • Hey Dennis,

    Great post here.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t use SEO as effectively as I should … but I’m changing that slowly.

    SEO for building an authority and brand is key … and building a brand, like you said, takes a while. But with good SEO practices and patience, you’ll see that hard work pay off.

    I have much to learn, my friend.

    – Andrew

    • Hey Andrew! You are doing pretty well as it is so Im surprised to hear that! 😀
      Thanks for heading over here, it’s always a pleasure to have you here sharing your thoughts.

  • I feel like this information should be kept in an expensive eBook! Definitely a lot of great tips in this article. I don’t do much SEO for my website, most of my traffic comes from other sources, but this article was a reminded to off my butt, and tweak for SEO. Thanks!

    • Hey Tim!

      Yeah, your site will definitely benefit from some tweaks! Go for it! 🙂

  • Hi Dennis,

    SEO is one of the most important concerns of any website owner. As a SEO expert myself, I cannot agree with you more. I’m especially an ardent supporter of using Micro-Data and Link round up to boost your SEO.

    Another very common mistake that most of the people does is Key word Stuffing. Excessive use of key words is not good from the SEO point of view and does more harm than good.

    Thanks a lot for the great post. Do have a wonderful day!

    • Hey Nisha! Great to have you over here!
      Oh I miss the days where I could just stuff keywords (sometimes)
      It’s funny when I recall those days. I feel really old.

      I could hide text in the background and rank #1 for all keywords I want. Hahaha.

      For those reading this comment, don’t do it now. I warned you! 🙂

  • There’s always so much more you need to do. At least when I read articles like this I know I’m on track. Thanks!

    • Hi Angela!

      That’s right! You can also look at it like “there’s so much you can do” because there are ton of options to place better in Google. 🙂

  • Hey Dennis,

    Indeed a great guide. To be honest i didn’t read the SEO strategies you mentioned in the article. Thanks a lot for putting all information at one place. Subscribed to Newsletter 🙂

    Keep up the good work.


    • Hey David/Brian (LOL) – Thanks…i think.

  • Hi Dennis, Very helpful solid information. So many times we’re focused on getting the information about the article without focusing on how people will find the article. Google is the biggest source of traffic to my blog and I find when I keep Google happy I get a lot more readers. I don’t want to jump through too many hoops to please Google but you’ve offered a lot of helpful tips to maximize our SEO without jeopardizing our content.

    Thanks for sharing your helpful pointers with us, Dennis!

    • Hi Carolyn!

      Been a while! Thanks! I hope you can put the things here to good use. They can be pretty easy to do and they help in the long run

      I appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts! 🙂

  • Thanks for your complete guideline. I was looking for this guideline as a newcomer Blogger. By your reading this article, just learn a lot’s of points. I am going to follow these steps from today


    • Thanks! Hope you can make use of each one! 🙂

  • This post was good and i think this was helpful post for bloggers. It surely help the bloggers to get more traffic by google search. Thank you for sharing such type of post here.

  • Dennis,

    Great post on SEO.

    This is something that I am not very good at and really feel much of it is above my head. I do the most with on page SEO but am not sure I am all that good at it either. I know I should spend more time on my on page SEO.

    I will say after reading your post I understand SEO much better than I did before. I am going to make use of some of your suggestions and try to improve my SEO.

    Great to have people who really understand SEO so the rest of us can start to learn just how to use it in order to get more traffic to our blogs.

    Thanks again for a great post.

    Dee Ann Rice

    • Hi Dee!

      I appreciate the comment. Hope you can make use of them. Let me know if you have any trouble.

      Enjoy the rest of the week!

  • Hello,

    Well I’m kinda new here and I landed here from Kingged. I must say you are sharing really great information here. I just completed reading few posts.

    Now coming to this post, SEO is very vast part where you can experiment lot of things daily.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Christy!

      Glad you liked it and hope you learned a thing or two from me 🙂

      Let me know if you have any trouble.

  • Leo

    More nice SEO tips from your site. I going read up more on some of the topic here. More power to your blog.

    • Thanks Leo. Let us know if you have questions

  • Hey Leapfrogger,

    Thanks a lot for sharing. It was really a great & helpful article. Would like to bookmark for sure.

  • Hi Dennis,

    I usually dont see posts like this from the Philippines. Great job!

    by the way, do you happen to know any good SEO companies or VA from the Philippines? I am trying to establish my niche site at francisnoces.com.

    Thank you

    • Thanks Francis. There are a ton of them. Just type in SEO Philippines 🙂

  • Hi Dennis,

    Its great post . I was searching this type of post especially for link building techniques and it helps me lot. Thanks for post.

    • Thanks William! Let me know if you have questions

  • Search engine optimization is the key of blogs success in the modern world.

  • Thanks for this tips. I have not been doing anything on SEO but will start immediately .

    • Thanks for read it Saheed. Good luck!

  • Wow it’s just a awesome article. I really love it man . It’s really helped me alot. Now the concept is very clearly. Thanks for such a valuable post.

  • Hi, I have signed in so that I can receive your news. I am very new to search engine optimization and it appears that getting links is very much time-consuming. Hope that you continue to share your strategies. I would like to receive updates from Google too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hey DENNIS
    Great work done, i have read many articles but your was the one where i got almost 90% answers to my question but some points confused me yet i am hopping for the next article to come. keep up the good work


  • I’m additionally concerning the solution to Dale’s question about microdata WP plugin. All of those I’ve tested appear to spit out ugly data on the page that’s visible to users. If there isn’t a plugin, can’t you simply create one or something? you’re a genius in any case.

    Thanks & Regards

    Aditi Sinha

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