What is AMP?

What is AMP?

You might have seen this recently when you were browsing around google. You might have seen a carousel or regular looking listings but with an “AMP” on the side or bottom of the listing.

When you clicked on the listing, the site looked super different from what it should look like. You probably noticed that it’s just mostly text and images.

AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages. Basically, you’ll just be loading the most basic things on a website to make it load as fast as possible.

You might have noticed that there are a ton websites that take ages to load. They aren’t really built for mobile users.

With AMP they can easily serve a minimal website that mobile users can enjoy immediately, instantly.

Isn’t this the same with Facebook’s Instant Articles?

Yes, it is but it doesn’t have to go through just their app. You see it out in the open!

So, should you use it?

Yes, you should use it.

Mobile search keeps on growing and growing. Over 50% of searches are done on mobile now and if you want a piece of the traffic, then you should.

Will it last?

As with all things related Google, nothing is really definite. As they coined it, this is just a project and it might or might not last long term.

It’s easy to implement though and major publishers are taking advantage of it. So, why shouldn’t you do that too?

For WordPress users, just download the AMP plugin from the makers of WordPress. Then, to supplement it, you can either use this or this.

Does it Affect Overall SEO?

I’m pretty sure the answer publicly is a NO. As with Google+ back then, they will just keep saying no. My take, just use it as a best practice. Much like with Authorship back then, just do it.

I’m sure it will have an effect somehow even if you can’t fully trace it to be a ranking factor.

I did a quick test last month with a blog that I run with not so big traffic, aka just a regular site. It gets a twice the number of mobile traffic versus desktop traffic. So I turned on AMP there and it’s mobile stats multiplied by 1.5x now after 2 weeks. People are staying longer, too. Note: The usual best practices for SEO apply.

What happens to my Original Page?

It’s still there.

There’s an option for Android and iOS to request for the original desktop site so just tap on that and it should show the original page.

Until Next Time

So, that’s it. The first episode posted here on the blog. I’ve been doing these AMA sessions on Snapchat for a while so I thought it would be fun to compile these videos here so they don’t get lost.

Note: The whole YouTube video above was taken using Snapchat.

Thanks to Dave for sending in this question. Drop me your questions and I’ll post my answers here when I can. Talk to you guys soon.

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  • Great read Dennis :-) !
    I agree with you, AMP doesn't have any effect as it is for it self. Its really an upcomming feature for SEO in 2018, and then AMP still wont affect your SEO results, but it surely will help with your bounce rate, which is a really big factor in SEO, so in that matter, AMP helps surely.