SEMRush Review

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A SEMrush Review

SEMrush is among the most used marketing research tools for SEO and SEM. It’s a paid tool, so not everyone will be able to use it, but those who can are likely considering it just on the strength of the recommendations for it alone. It can do a lot of things, but here’s a quick rundown of some of them:

  • Perform competitor analysis
  • Monitor your SEO campaign
  • Generate keywords
  • Track your traffic
  • Check backlink profiles
  • Watch over social media campaigns

Basically, SEMrush is a marketing tool for SEO/SEM reportage and planning.

Is it the sort of tool you should get? That depends on several things but if you can, you’ll probably find it invaluable.

What You Need to Know

SEMRush Product Review

There’s a free trial for the utility, but it’s really at the paid levels that you start seeing serious value.

The Pro account costs $69.95 a month and is capped at 10k results a report. That’s 3k reports a day, up to 5 projects, 500 tracked keywords, 10k crawled pages, and 5 scheduled PDF reports.

Bringing it up to the Guru account for $149.95 a month gets you thrice the number of result per report as the Pro level, 5k reports a day, 50 projects, 1,500 tracked keywords, 300k crawled pages, and 20 PDF reports.

Business account holders pay $549.95 a month for up to 50k results a report and 10k reports a day. The number of projects is unlimited, tracked keywords are at 6k (1,500/user for 4 users), you get 1.2M crawled pages (300k/user), and 50 scheduled PDF reports.

If those don’t fit your needs, you can also contact the company directly for a custom enterprise account.

As you can see, SEMrush isn’t one of the cheaper tools—but it’s far from being one of the expensive ones. It’s a reasonably priced utility, on the whole, that delivers quite a lot for its cost.

So what do you get for your dollar?

First, it has analytics reports that give you insight into the things your competitors do in terms of display ads, link building, and organic and paid search. It has organic research tools that let you watch domain movements in the SERPs and discover new organic competitors as well as their best keywords.

It has advertising research features that let you localize ad campaigns and find new competitors for BingAds and AdWords. You can also study others’ ad copies and keywords and get insight into their strategies and even their budgets.

It has display advertising tools that let you view displays from various devices. You can find new publishers, study competitors’ display ads, and find the best publishers and advertisers for your purposes.

It has backlink tools that let you geolocate links, check backlink types, and check the authority of referring domains. You can do deep link analysis too.

It gives you tools for video advertising research that let you find out who the top advertisers in this category are. You can use it to monetize your videos, unearth the video ad strategies others are using in your niche, and more.

It has keyword research tools that let you carry out searches in a multinational and multilingual manner. You get long-tail keywords, get new keyphrase and content ideas, and target your SEO and PPC campaigns better.

It lets you find product listing ads that perform best in your niche. It also lets you go after your competitors’ product feeds.

It has tools for data management that let you carry out domain comparisons and keyword difficulty calculations in an instant. There are multiple data visualization options that help you grasp the data it’s returning quicker. It can carry out analyses in a single click, help you get global campaigns out with ease, and keep all your relevant metrics accessible from a central location. It also has position tracking, in-depth site auditing with error identification, and social media campaign tracking.

What We Like

1. Excellent keyword tool – It really is an outstanding utility. Not only does it give you SERP source data for each keyword, but clicking on a keyword also prompts it to deliver a phrase match report and other related keywords for deep research. It also lets you specify geographic location if you’re targeting a specific country.

2. Good data on competitor research – The visualizations are helpful, as are the estimations supplied like that for the possible total cost of competitor traffic.

3. Site audit tool – This is a great way to make sure you’re not missing stuff. It highlights penalties and traffic peaks very efficiently.

4. Domain vs. domain tool – This nice utility helps you see the competition’s keywords and even supplies a Venn diagram to see where certain competitors’ sites may intersect with your keywords.

5. Can predict organic traffic – This is another nice tool packed into it, and it can also predict keyword ranks.

6. Comprehensive – All things considered, there’s a staggering amount of data covered in SEMrush’s metrics, so its price really isn’t bad when you think about how much it can do for you.

7. User-friendly – As long as you know what most of the industry terms are in SEO and SEM, there’s barely any need for a tutorial in using this.

What We Don’t Like

1. Places limitations on campaigns even at the highest account level – It’s probably to be expected since it’s the trend nowadays, but one does wish it had an all-unlimited account level for the really heavy users.

2. Keyword tracking tool still requires you to wade a bit deeper into it with clicks here and there sometimes – It’s not the case with everything, but some actions, like performing direct keyword comparisons to see your rank for that keyword against a competitor’s, requires a few more clicks than some other utilities do.


This is a powerful marketing tool and it really can serve a host of purposes. You can use it to generate ideas for your blog post content, to target PPC campaigns, to keep tabs on how your social media activities are doing, and on the integrity of your site as viewed by Google. That’s just the tip of an iceberg scratching the bottom of the sea.

The best way to sum up SEMrush is to say that it gives you data—a shocking amount of it, verified and organized, put together and delivered in a way that gives you the easiest time understanding it as well as using it for your marketing decision-making.

So do we recommend it? Yes. We think every serious marketer or website owner with experience in SEO should have it in his corner because of its sheer muscle. That said, some people might also find its abilities too overwhelming for them and not get their money’s worth at the start.

Take note of that: at the start. As with most other things, a bit of practice and study will help. You might not know what you can do with all the info it gives you right now, but you might later.

Even if you don’t feel you can take SEMrush on just yet, you should definitely re-evaluate that opinion once you’ve learned a bit more SEO/SEM. Given what we know now, no one can afford to be fully resistant to this sort of learning. Even easy-going bloggers who once built audiences out of sincere content got pawned by Panda without knowing what hit them. SEO/SEM tools like SEMrush are here to stay.

At any rate, SEMrush is offered on a free trial, as we already mentioned. This means that you can feel fry to test it out yourself without risking money. If you like the way it works and feel it can help you get your site where it should be, go for it. If it’s still a bit too much for you at this stage, beg off for now—it will cost you nothing. What’s important is that you first give it—and yourself—a chance to gain you something.

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